Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Friday, 8 July 2011

Christmas Stocking for Sara & Skinny Scarf for Jenn

It looks like Christmas is closer than I thought!  My hubby's cousin contacted me recently as she wanted a Christmas Stocking for her youngest daughter for this Christmas to match her brothers and sister's.  The original company where she bought the first three had gone out of business and she was unable to find anything similar.  So over the past fortnight I've had great fun trying to source and match colours from the original stockings, find velvet ribbon (harder than you think in July!) and figure out a pattern for a replica stocking.

The actual pattern was simple enough, though if I was starting from scratch with an original stocking, I probably would have knit it in the round following the pattern for an actual sock but up-sized!  The original stocking was in 12 colours of DK cotton and knit flat with the back and front sewn together at the end.

Once I started knitting the sock grew and grew, I turned my heel with short rows and sewed in all my ends at the end.  I crocheted Sara's name with the yarn split in half and sewed it on by hand while I used the sewing machine for the seam for durability and neatness.

It turned out pretty spectacular at the end if I do say so myself.  I had all the correct colours, though some are different shades from the original and my ribbon was a little darker (it was the only red velvet ribbon I could find!)  I hope that Santa fills it to the brim for Sara this December!

So with Sara taken care of, Jenn then wanted a skinny lace scarf for herself in Teal, which I cast on for yesterday.  It's a simple pattern of Shetland fir cones with a lace hole border.  Easy to memorise and now I can knit it in front of the TV without the pattern, yey!

Hopefully I will be finished by Monday and then block it and take some nice photo's outside before I send the parcel on to it's new home!  I really have to get back and finish my Monte Cristo shawl which is almost halfway there and my Russet Shetland Pi shawl which is about halfway there as well.

Happy Knitting xxx

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  1. I love both the color and pattern of that scarf. So beautiful!!