Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Socks, Shawls & the end of an era

The longest day of the year today, you'd think at least it would be sunny, being June and all.  Not so here, torrential rain and a stiff breeze.  I'm watching DVDs with the kids as the TV reception goes mental with the rain.  The joys of rural living!

My eldest finished pre-school last week and I have to confess I welled up at the school gates.  She has been attending the same playschool/pre-school since she was 2 and a half years old, so she has spent half her young life walking through those doors.  And now it's all over.  I feel quite emotional, not because she's old enough for 'big school' and will be all dressed up in a uniform with a schoolbag come September, but because I had formed an attachment with the place.  I'm going to miss dropping her off there, picking her up and chatting to her teacher.  I was comfortable there, happy even!  Now it's all changing.  Ridiculous to have all these feelings about it really, but it's true!

I had always thought I would be detached about letting her grow up and discover by herself.  But it's flying by so fast that I keep thinking 'one more minute please'!  I thoroughly understand now why parents have different emotions for each of their children, especially the eldest and youngest. The first and last person in a family to go through life's peculiarities.  It's a very strange sensation and I have to keep reminding myself and we are all growing up together and it's important for everyone to be individual and confident.  Murky waters though, not as easy as it sounds.  And I get to go through it all again with my youngest who will hopefully be attending the same playschool in September!

On the knitting front I have one shawl completed (Doogarry Beg Shawl) and four pairs of socks off the needles (I know, obsession should be my middle name!)

I have started going to a really fun local knitting group with a knitter friend (Doogarry, check out her blog!) and she has started knitting shawls (she is steaming through patterns quicker than she can buy yarn!) so I thought it would be nice to make a nice simple but stunning shawl pattern that a beginner could make.  I named it after her and there are two lengths, Doogarry Beg being the shorter one.  I have to make Doogarry Mor yet, not enough hours in the day for my brain!

It was a really quick knit and was finished in a few days.  I used a 50/50 Cotton Cashmere blend from Colourmart which made a beautifully soft, drapey scarf that feels gorgeous.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and Doogarry has just finished hers so I can't wait to see it in person!

As for the socks, I decided to use up some sock yarn that I had left over from Ishy Beg Shawl and made plain ankle socks for myself and ickle socks for the kids and was bitten by the bug.  I bought a sock book by Stephanie van der Lindon (Around the World in knitted socks - 26 designs) and started with The Scent of Lavender lace pattern.  Wow, it turned out so perfectly, even though the sock off the foot looks a little odd, when it's one you would think that the pattern was made especially for me.  I think I just got lucky as the pattern is for a slightly smaller foot, but I used a different needle and all came together in socky perfection!  I am in love!  I am considering making all 26 socks in the book!  They also knit up much quicker than I expected, all complete within a week.  It now gives me a chance to get back to my Agnes shawl and finish her for once and for all!

Happy knitting!


  1. Hello Aisling, I found your blog via Linda's page. Tuned in as I am interested in knitting and at present trying to get to grips with lace knitting. Your shawls are just beautiful. I'm impressed by the socks too, which I have never tried, but they look very cosy and warm. Best wishes, Anne

  2. Hello from me too. Nice to see one of my readers has beaten me to the commments. Tried yesterday but my Internet wasn't behaving. I'm enjoying your knitting, what a talent. Your shawl is so lovely. I will enjoy watching your progress, and I hope to expand my knowledge of lace knitting too. Take care.

  3. Thank you both, it's always nice to hear from readers. But beware, lace knitting is addictive!