Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Friday, 1 April 2011

Sleepless Weeks & Bed Hopping

Sickness is abound, so are nighttime walking children who want to sleep in my bed.  We have had three solid weeks of temperatures, coughs, snotty noses, sleepless children and bed hopping.  I'm tired and I'm looking forward to a night of unbroken zzzzz's.

On a happier note, my little man has suddenly decided he wants to try out the toilet, so training here we go (I'm taking it slow and steady and waiting for him to make all the first moves as I got so stressed out the first time around with my daughter that I messed it all up and she was three and a half before she was trained).  So fingers crossed that this will be easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

So with all this lack of sleep (due to the ten little toes digging into my back, we have no spare room!) I'm a little crossed eyed and I'm not progressing as quick as I'd like on some projects.  There are evenings on the sofa, where I just cannot focus on what's in my hands (and I just won't go to bed early, children go to bed early and I'm a grown up...) but I have still managed to make lot's of stuff!!!

I finally finished baby Simon's christening shawl and the photo's barely do it justice, it's gorgeous, so light and fluffy and lacy.  As I had knit the centre with an odd ball of wool where the colour didn't match, I wasn't sure how I was going to undo it without making a mess and loosing stitches.  So I threaded a darning needle with contrasting yarn and made a life line in reverse, picking up all the loops of stitches all the way around under where the odd yarn started.  Then I undid the knitting from the centre and ripped the odd yarn out, then I was able to pick up all the stitches caught by my reverse life line and join my new perfect match yarn that Jamieson & Smith were so good to send me. Thankfully it was a perfect match and I was able to complete the shawl and I don't think anyone who didn't know the back story would be any the wiser.

I forget now what led me to start my Emily Dickinson Shawl by Kieran Foley (knit/lab) I know Kierans work and have admired it now for a while, but I must have been ogling the finished projects on ravelry when I had a brainwave to start my own.  I had the leftover yarn from my 2nd Lerwick and some bronzy beads already, so I bought the pattern and started knitting.  The pattern is clear, concise and well written and the end result is fabulous, a sheer beaded shawl with a pretty lacy edging.  I had great fun trying to take photo's as the yarn is hard to catch at the best of times, let alone with beads.

Overall it was a pleasure project from start to finish.  It also led me to two of Kieran's other patterns - Europa (which is now on the needles as my Easter Parade Shawl) and Black Swan Mantilla (which I have yet to match a yarn to).  There are 3 different versions of the Europa Shawl in the pattern, so it was really good value in my opinion.

A Jamieson & Smith parcel arrived yesterday (on my birthday!) with enough yarn (I hope) to finish my Juicy Danish Shawl and a 250g cone of 1ply Shetland Supreme so that I can knit my Love Darg Shawl by Sharon Miller I was going to use a blue gossamer silk but the silk snags and pulls if you breath on it so I'm putting it away until I can find a use for it.

Happy Knitting


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