Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Easter Parade & Love Darg Shawls

We had such a glorious week last week that the kids and I spent most of our time outdoors (and I got sunburned!  In April!) but it's turned nasty again and I'm back in a jumper and coat.  Not quite how I imagined this week to start.

We celebrated Mimi's fifth birthday yesterday and she lapped up all the attention, she insisted we sing 'Happy Birthday dear Princess' to her instead of using her name and took full advantage of the day.  She was in charge of the menu and picked out her own present so the day was a fog of convenience foods and Disney Princesses.  I think she had a good time, her grandparents came over and spoiled her some more and she had a party in pre-school.  She ended the day saying that it was her 'best birthday ever' which makes me smile, I do wonder if she remembers much of her previous birthdays!

On the knitting front, since my last post I gave the Cobweb Christening Shawl to A so that she could give it to her new nephew and I finished my Easter Parade Shawl.  I had such fun with that one.  The colour was just so YELLOW!  Well a kind of lemon curd yellow that I surprisingly fell in love with.  I decided not to go with the nupps in the pattern but added beads instead.  I fear that I lost a few down the side of the sofa and I now have permenant frown lines on my forehead from concentrating!  The pattern was very easy to follow, clear and concise, large charts and plenty of room for a little experimenting.  I would heartily recommend looking into Kieran Foley's website for a little inspiration, he's an exceptional designer and Irish too.

Once I was finished I was very excited to turn my attentions to the Love Darg Shawl by Sharon Miller.  I bought the book a few months ago and had initially thought to make it in a divine blue silk I'd purchased from Heirloom Knitting.  I tried a few edging points with the silk, but it snagged and pulled if you looked at it crossways and was very slippy to work with.  I really didn't want to have to fight with it the whole way through the project and then have a heart attack as it pulled on it's first outing so with a very heavy heart I put the silk away and ordered some Shetland Supreme 1ply gossamer in Natural White.  The cone arrived a fortnight ago and I was able to start on my Love Darg on the 4th.

There are so many decisions to be made with this shawl and I haven't made a concrete plan just yet.  I'm knitting borders inwards and I'm still working on my edging strip (I have 52 out of 128 completed already) and I plan to use the lacier gossamer borders pattern.  Then the centre given with the pattern, though I haven't decided how big that is going to be yet.  As the borders are practically straight edged I want to gather a bit for the centre so that it blocks well.  I suppose this is what swatches are for but I am eternally lazy about such things.

Then I had a brainwave last night.   Already this shawl is shaping up to be BIG, probably too big to block on my double bed so I was playing around with the idea of making it into a triangle instead of a square.  I may have to play around with the centre to get it to a manageable triangle (I don't want acres and acreas of charting, just a nice block for repeating) or I may choose a different centre altogether.  Once I finish 10 more edging repeats I'll have to make my decision, so I'll keep you posted.

Happy knitting


  1. Hi!
    You're very quick, and it look great! I'm considering the same, I like triangular ones more than square ones and my hesitation about purling the odd rows will vanish. Though, this makes me a bit worried, my edging is practically just holes (=air). Either your yarn is much heavier than mine or you went down in needle size. What's the blocked edging width?

  2. Hi! Yes, my yarn is a bit substantial! I'm using the Shetland Supreme 1ply gossamer, which is more of a cobweb than a gossamer yarn, with a 2mm needle. I did start out with a very fine silk, but we just DID NOT GET ALONG! And the silk snagged and pulled every time I looked at it! My edging points are about 2.5" tall and 3" wide stretched out. I'm definitely doing the triangle now and I'm leaving detailed notes on ravelry for stitch counts and construction if you want a look! The borders are turning out really pretty (I'm only on row 8 though!!!) the heavier yarn makes it so much easier to go faster!