Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Friday, 18 March 2011

Naughty Me!

Ooh, I am naughty!  I get all morose for a fortnight and before you know it I have forgotten to update my blog!  I can't believe I forgot, and I was doing so well.
It was my mothers birthday 10 days ago and I gave her her new stole as a gift.  I think she liked it, whether she'll wear it or not is another story altogether!  I had a few issues with the edging before I finished up and I redid the cast on edge as it was too tight and then crocheted around the entire rectangle to sturdy it up a bit.  It worked well but I had thought that the yarn would fluff out a little more.  I even put the finished stole in the washing machine to make sure that all the oil was washed out of it.  The result didn't look much different but it was so soft and drapey that I fell in love with it all over again.  I have a good bit left on the cone so I think I'll make myself and cowl or a scarf out of it.
I managed to pull myself feet first out of an attack of the blues by Spring Cleaning.  I was putting it off for weeks, the kids bedrooms were disgustingly dirty and messy, you couldn't see the floor, the bathroom was practically unusable and the bedroom was a mire of dust.  I hate cleaning...

So I donned my rubber gloves, broke out the Milton and a plastic bowl and started.  My house is small, there are only 6 rooms (and not big ones at that) but boy, can I pack stuff into a room!  My eldest has the second biggest bedroom and has so many toys that when I dumped them on the sitting room floor/sofa/table that the sitting room disappeared!  I got a little scared then, as I had let the fire go out and I hadn't made dinner yet but I was at the point of no return and had to keep going.

So day one, did one and a half bedrooms, day two did the sitting room and master bedroom and day three did the kitchen, bathroom and hoovered out my wardrobe.  I was so sore that if I sat still I seized.  But I certainly slept that night.

So I staved off the melancholy and now I'm wired to go!
So I have finished a few more projects too, my Prairie Rose Shawl lept off the needles after a few days and I spent 10 hilarious minutes trying to take photo's of it on a windy day stuck to a bush!  The neighbours think I'm a lunatic, every time I saw a car or a person, I whipped it off the hedge and ran indoors again.  Genius is shy!!!
I have also finished my Helstone Shawl today and it's currently blocking.  I'm really pleased with it, it's kind of a crescent shape and the Manos Lace alpaca/silk/cashmere is dreamy to work with.  I named it after the home place in North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell.  I've really fallen for her books, they are so pleasurable to read and I have all the DVDs too!  All of her characters are human and are all redeemable which is lovely and comforting.
Funny but I've noticed that all the shawls I've been working on recently have been green, it's not a colour I usually go for, but very apt considering yesterday was Paddy's Day!
 Next up I have to finish my Christening Shawl - the yarn arrived this morning so I should be finished tomorrow and my Agnes and Juicy Danish Shawls before I start on anything new.  As you can see from the picture below there is a large discoloured square in the centre of the shawl.  This is because I used a ball of yarn from my stash and it was a different dye lot.  I will rip it out this evening and redo with the new ball and hopefully it will be indistinguishable!  Fingers crossed!
I also made a pair of booties to match as a gift to give with the christening shawl.

Happy knitting! xxx


  1. These are all beautiful projects (you only knit beautiful things!), but the medallion shawl in the green Manos is particularly stunning to my eye. Love those hexagons!

  2. You must be very proud of yourself. 4 shawls done in a couple of days!

    The Helstone shawl, is it your own design? It's beautiful!

    I am considering blocking wires, but I havn't got a clue where to put them while they're not in use. Funny, you think 6 rooms is a small house...

    Keep on knitting!

  3. Thanks Rebecca, the Manos Lace is really wonderful to work with and the shawl is really cute!

    B, the blocking wires are a life saver, they keep my knitting straight!!! They are all in a little tube and I actually keep them in the hot press! I live in a cottage which is seriously short on storage space but big on character and damp!