Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Agnes Shawl & a Lacy Moebius

Today would have been my grandmothers 82 birthday and I'm feeling a little nostaligic.  I'm also feeling like something is about to happen, the air is zinging with posibilities.

To honour her memory I spent yesterday designing a lace shawl for my Heirloom Knitting Merino Lace leftovers.  It has four different lace elements to it, with the repeats getting progressivly getting bigger and bigger.  I didn't use any lace from books but I made up my own.  I prefer this as then you definitely have something that is original and unique. 

The Agnes Shawl will be a top down triangle with two triangles divided by a centre stitch and ended with a knit on edging.  This seems to be my preferred shape of the moment.  It is also modular so that in each of the three shawl body sections, you can make them as big as you like, so the size of the shawl is determined by how much yarn you have or whatever pleases your eye.  I have no idea yet, how big mine will be, I haven't even swatched yet (not something I generally do!) but I do know that it will be in several colours.

I am almost finished my Children of Lir Stole as well, so it will be completed in plenty of time for my mothers birthday (all of us girls were born in Spring!), I think I will add an edging to all four sides of the stole to finish it off, I have only 2 more repeats of the main body to do.

As for completed items, my Shaela Cardi Cowl is complete and I have to admit that it is the most versatile piece of clothing I own.  I have worn it every day as a pseudo cardigan since I finished it!  I even wear it with a brooch to smarten it up.  I see more moebius cowls on the horizon.  The next one will be in a luxury yarn, maybe cashmere and silk.  I will make it smaller to be used as a cowl rather than a cardigan.  I may even have enough left over from the Children of Lir Stole.

I will keep you updated with my new design, so far it is just charted, but I hope to start knitting it soon, so until then,

Happy Knitting

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