Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New Years resolutions 2011 & My Finished Cape!

It's so sunny my eyes are burning, ouch!

Anyway, there is no more snow (so far, touch wood!  Yippee!) the frost and ice is at a minimum, we have running water again so I am officially a happy bunny...

I know that we are over half way through the first month already but I'm only now beginning to think of New Years Resolutions and what I am going to spend my time doing for the next 12 months (ok 11.5 months).

Yes, I want to try new things, for one I have recently tried felting and though I was flying totally blind, I managed to successfully produce a felted masterpiece.

I had crocheted a lovely little corsage brooch with the leftovers from my Impressionist Capelet but after wearing it I realised it was a little too floppy.  Into the washing machine it was unceremoniously thrown and I washed the living daylights out of it.  Not exactly a technical term, but it worked.

As for other new things to try I must try more stranded work, I would love to knit and wear a fair isle jumper!  I have a kit for a tam & mittens that is lying unfinished at the bottom of my stash, hiding out until I pluck up the courage to finish it.  This year WILL SEE THEM FINISHED!

I want to branch out from my lace making and maybe try some more clothes!  Sounds simple, but it's been something I've been avoiding for years!  I don't know why it is that I can spend months on a tiny lace square yet run away screaming at the thoughts of a jumper or cardigan.  I think it's the fact that I now detest seams of any kind and refuse to sew two knitted things together.  I blame Elizabeth Zimmerman for this.  Harsh but true, she has left her mark, on me at least, and now I won't knit anything that isn't in the round anymore!  Feeds neatly into the fair isle obsession, don'tcha think?

I also need to start knitting more cute things for my children.  Mimi has benefitted  slightly but the poor little man is severely underclothed!  So far I have refeused to knit for babies and toddlers under the age of two as they grow too quickly and therefore grow OUT of the knitted stuff without getting enough wear out of them.  That to me is a crime beyond reproach!  The little man's second birthday was last September, so he is overdue a complete makeover!

I am also going to try and plough through my stash and try not to end up with another drawer full of shawls!  I live in a tiny cottage with little or no storage space, I have to be more giving and re-home some of the shawls I just don't wear!!!

So nothing too outrageous or even original in that little list, I'm sure I'll add to it during the year.

I finished my Kerry Petrol Cape & Beret in the last week and I'm very pleased and proud of the results.  I put both the cape and beret in the washing minutes on a delicate cycle for about 10 minutes to get them nice and soaked and then drained and spun them (at the 400 spin cycle - don't know if this is standard on all machines, it's the lowest spin cycle on the machine, 400 revs per minute???)

This ever so slighly felted the wool (Kerry Woollen Mills Aran Wool, from the Yarn Room), it didn't shrink, just went all soft and a little fluffy.  I really love the result, it still has amazing drape and is so warm.  I think I'll end up wearing this as soon as the nasty chill leaves the air, it's still a little baltic outside for wearing.  The beret is oversized and very comfy to wear (I'm not much of a hat person) but this little matching hat is definitely a winner.  Now I just need a scarf to go with it!!!  Like I need an excuse to knit more...

The scarf I'm wearing is also my design, it's my Piotal Tiuilip Scarf in Heirloom Knitting's Merino Lace in Chinese Rose.  The merino is lovely and snuggly soft, ideal for next to the skin.

Next off the needles will be my Natural Cape, I'm currently knitting the edging, should have pictures for next week!

Regards & happy knitting xxx

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