Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

End of Year Knitting

So, the end of the year is creeping up on us all and I am loving my garter stitch end of year projects rule!  So peaceful and rhythmic, I can watch the children play, chat to people, watch TV, all without having to look at what my hands are busy doing!  It’s a relief to have some non-thinking knitting on the needles for once. 

So what did Santa bring everybody?  I was a very lucky ducky and received my much coveted Knit Pro Deluxe Symphony Wooden Interchangeable needle set and some gorgeous teal coloured Kerry Woollen Mills Aran in Petrol from the Yarn Room.  I plan to design and make a cape with it with hopefully enough left over for a beret.  I have 1,825 yards so I think it might be possible.  I am still at the planning stage and I haven’t even made a swatch yet so it’s early days.  I’ll keep you all posted.

In the meantime, I have been knitting away busily and finishing projects like my life depends on it!  I finished my Winter Garnet Pi shawl yesterday and though I haven’t blocked it yet (pipes still frozen, no running water yet) it measures about 60 inches in diameter already.  The colour (Jasper Red Heather, Icelandic Unspun held single) is fantastic and is a perfect match for my sitting room where it is going to live draped over the sofa.  It was my first time knitting with unspun wool and I really enjoyed it, I was afraid it might be too delicate and break a lot, but I never broke a strand and it’s so thick and warm when knit up, perfect for this cold weather.  I made my Pi with concentric circles and used the edging that was on my Swallowtail shawl.  Can’t wait to block this monster and see how that changes the shawl.

I also finished two other Pi’s and am working on another (as you can guess, I’m gone Pi crazy!) my Impressionist Pi in some LHogan Sock yarn, which is EZ’s Pie are Square pattern and another plain Pi in Norro Sekku (colour 8).  Both were fun and easy to make and spectacular when blocked.  On the needles I have another Pie are Square in some natural Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight.  It’s almost finished and I made a beautiful Corsage Cape Fastener and a Rosette Brooch to fasten both Pie are Squares.  It’s almost as if I’m expecting cold weather???


  1. I love all your pi shawls, they are so pretty. I bet that Icelandic yarn one will be very cosy.

    I've been reading your blog and really enjoying your fabulous lace knitting. I just realised I haven't commented though so better remedy that. Happy knitting in 2011.

  2. Thank you so much, it's really nice to know that someone is reading what I write!!! Hope to keep writing & knitting all through 2011!