Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Winter is upon us and I need more woolies!

Ha!  It’s here, the cold weather!  The winter coat came out of hibernation last week and now I don’t even set foot outside the door for so much as a stick for the fire with out it!  In fairness, I have no idea what real cold weather is like, but wet, windy and cold do not make for a pleasant weather experience!

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with all my projects, meaning that there is more of them than I physically have time for.  This time last year I was happily knitting away on Christmas presents from left overs in my stash, without a care in the world.  Somehow, throughout the year I’ve gained a knitting ‘to-do’ list that is longer than time.  There are no happy knitted pressies for Christmas this year!  How did I manage to do it?

Anyway, I have been a very busy bunny, with it being so cold I made two Aran’s, a jumper for me in a gorgeous red Tivoli New Celtic Aran, and a pink tweed cardigan for Mimi in Tivoli Aran Tweed.  I have another 400g ball of the Tivoli Tweed in green for the Little Man that’s destined to be a jumper, but more on that later.  We all had fun trekking into Singer Sewing Machine (LYS) to pick out and buy the wool and Mimi was very particular about the colour (it had to be pink) and the shade and what buttons were to go with it (had to sparkle).  Luckily, the selection seemed to yield to her demands.   The Little Man is a little more ‘mannish’ in his selection, he grunts and nods in a very old man like fashion and then whinges when I browse!  He’s not a bit like his father (tongue firmly in cheek).  So we left with a large bagful, Mimi helpfully chose my colour too! 

They knit up fairly quickly and it was nice to have something heavy on the needles again after so much lace.  I had originally intended on knitting the Little Man an Aran jumper but after so many cables on the previous two projects, I wanted something a little different. 

I have spent the last two weeks dipping in and out of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Around and being amazed by the way, she looks at construction.  It is my only EZ book (I have since ordered The Knitters Almanac on EBay and impatiently awaiting its delivery) and I spend many hours perusing the patterns and reading her ‘digressions’ stories and pictures of her life.  It really is a fascinating book and I would recommend getting your hands on a copy.  I had heard that she was a kind of magical knitting person but now I realise she was a Goddess!  She can break an entire garment down to one little pencil drawing with a few numbers that help you make the garment in ANY size, then she introduces a few short cuts, makes it seamless and there you have it!  Perfection!  And it all makes perfect sense!  I am a convert.

Anyway, I have decided to make the Little Man a plain seamless yoke jumper, knit in one piece, and I will start it soon (hopefully!).

I do have a few things to finish up first.  My friend Catherine is due her second baby in December and I have been steadily working on a design for a baby blanket/shawl for her (A Stóir Baby Blanket).  She doesn’t know yet whether she is having a boy or a girl so I’m making a lace blanket with Jamieson & Smith 2 ply Lace Weight Shetland Supreme in Natural.  I’m almost at the ends of the borders now and then will add a lace edging to finish.  It hasn’t really taken me long to knit, but I have been putting it aside for other things.  This week should see it finished.  It’s quite pretty and will suit a boy or a girl, as it’s not too feminine.  The centre is bordered by flowers and is covered in ‘Z’s (for little sleepyhead’s) and the outer border has ducks, water, hearts, building blocks, diamonds and flowers and the edging will also have flowers to tie it all together.  Can’t wait to block it and see what it looks like!

I still have to cast on for three NicEoin Scarves that I have promised to someone and I know I have been putting it off.  No particular reason only that I know they have to be done!

After all, that I want to get some serious progress made on my Princess Shawl so that I can get to knit through my recent stash additions from The Knitting & Stitching Show.  My head is bursting with ideas for each scrummy skein. 

And so there I will leave you, enjoy the pictures!

Wrap up warm and keep knitting!


  1. Lovely shawl! Did you purl all the even rows?! Seems like you are knitting all the frame sections at the same time. Huh! Well done!


  2. Hi, yes I purled all the odd rows to keep the garter stitch appearance as I was knitting the borders in the round (I knit the centre as a flat square first and then picked up the stitches all around the edges) then the edging was applied! Lot's of work, but lot's of fun, and now the blanket is with it's new owner, baby John!