Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Stoir Blanket/Shawl and sneeky peek booties

The weather has turned nasty on me, the wind is bending the trees across the lane at unnatural angles and I’m whipped and beaten by cold rain when I venture outside.  Brrr!  On a happier note, the fire in the sitting room is roaring every day and we are all toasty (as long as we don’t leave the room!).  I have become an expert at making a fire with sticks and the minimum amount of firelighters!  You may laugh, but I can name another person in our little household who needs lighter fluid and a half box of zip to get a flicker of light licking at the wood!  Don’t knock it, I’m proud of myself.

Anyway, what have I been up to lately?  Well I finally finished my A Stóir Baby Shawl/Blanket and it’s now blocked and photographed and waiting patiently for it’s new owner to be born.  My friend is due next month, so I don’t have too long to wait.  It turned out nicer than I expected, everything seemed to just come together at the end, and its funny how blocking can really make a piece.  I had also played with the idea of making some booties to match and to finish the present off. 

The idea of making some lace weight seamless booties really appeals to me as I have loads and loads of lace weight left overs in my stash that could be put to good use (in such pretty colours too).  Booties are quick to whip up once the baba is born and you know whether the poppet is a boy or a girl and you can co-ordinate as appropriate.  I love seamless, no sew items (hence the ginormous amount of shawls I’ve knit) so the cogs and wheels began to turn, stumbled a bit and finally hit a eureka moment yesterday evening, when I suddenly could see in all clarity how to proceed.  So the moment I cast off and grafted the two edging sides together on the blanket I picked up my double pointed needles and off I set, scribbling as I went. 

The first pair of booties are lace weight, slightly more feminine than masculine and are cuter than the Andrex puppy.  I can adapt them to be more masculine by ignoring the lace motif and using a stretchy cast off on the cuff rather than a frilled edge.  They were fun to make, you start with a garter stitch sole, pick up stitches around the sole and knit in the round until you are ready for the instep, which has a lace motif.  Then add an eyelet row for a ribbon, a ribbed cuff and a frilled edge and there you have it, No Sew Bootie-full booties!  I’m also making them in 4 ply to make a larger size (using the same pattern) and I’ve one finished.  The fantastic news is that I plan to add the pattern next week, with accompanying photos showing how they are put together to my blog so that everyone can make there own.  Did I mention how cute they are?  Quick, adaptable, seamless, no sew and adorable, all you need is lace or 4 ply yarn, 3mm DPN’s, ribbon and a few hours.  Perfect!

They should be up by the end of next week, until then, keep knitting and keep warm!


  1. Gorgeous baby blanket and the booties are so cute!

  2. Beyond gorgeous . . .

    Wish I was on your baby gift list! LOL

    Fear not, however -- I'm in my 73rd year.

    Must learn to do dpn's.