Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Knitting & Stitching Show, RDS, Dublin

November!  Where does the year go?  I seem to have missed the summer months again, why do they go by so fast?  Still, it is time for big cosy fires and lot’s of knitting, so I’m happy!

I was at the Knitting & Stitching Show in Dublin on Sunday and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  This was my second excursion to the show and I have been excited about going to it since June!  I was on my own as my knitting cohort was unable to go but it meant that I could go where I want, when I wanted and I could spend as long as I liked on the things that interested me. 

My hubby and the two kiddiewinks dropped me off, guerrilla style, across the road from the entrance and I could barely restrain myself from sprinting across the road to get to the front door.  I think I arrived at about quarter to one and it seemed like perfect timing as there were no queues and the crowds were stable but not unbearable.  I wasn’t squashed or pushed and it was a genuine pleasure to walk around. 

Though it was difficult to contain my enthusiasm to dart here and there and get totally engrossed in yarn and the inevitable stroking of said yarn (!!!) I forced myself (and who says I don’t have any self-discipline?  Oh yeah, that would be me!) to start at one end and walk up and down every row once, taking everything in before I began serious shopping.  I had initially hoped to see some of the Knit Pro Interchangeable Needle Sets (I’m scouting for Santa!) and then load the rucksack with some luxury lace weight yarns.  I had no brands or fibres in mind, but open to all suggestions.

Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed.  I was amazed, looking back, at how few yarn stalls there were.  I know I was there on the last day but I presume everyone was still there.  The were lots of fabric stalls and quilting stalls (if I were in a sewing frame of mind I would have lapped them up, I’m also partial to a little dressmaking) which were interesting, but I purposely didn’t go over to look as I would have been sucked in to buying bolts and bolts of fabric.  There were also quite a few leather bag stalls which I thought was very unusual and I avoided them knowing my other obsession with handbags).  I also wondered if they were legitimate?  The bags seemed very cheap! 

I’m not sure what sort of market they were aiming for, but there was also a footwear stall selling slippers!  If it wasn’t so funny, I would have been very insulted, little old ladies knitting in their slippers indeed!

So back to the yarn.  I stopped for ages at This is Knit, where I offloaded the contents of my purse and my almost entire budget on:

·      Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Around,
·      two 50g balls of Noro Sekku (colour way 8) which I had been eyeing up ever since I saw it reviewed in The Knitter Magazine,
·      100g of Dublin Dye Company Alpaca Lace in a gorgeous stormy grey blue colour,
·      and 100g of Hedgehog Fibres Silk Lace in Ink, which has to be the most gorgeous lace weight yarn on the planet, it’s possibly closer to cobweb weight and I now own 1,000 meters of it! 
I even got a lovely cloth bag to put it all in (so I didn’t have to go and buy one of those black roller bags that they were selling for a tenner for the purpose of carrying home your stash!)  I also saw in person Kieran Foley’s design ‘Cold Mountain’ knit by Iontach which I had admired on Ravelry.

I then headed to the Yarn Room which had loads more gorgeous squishy skeins of heaven, and I purchased 50g of Manos Lace in a gorgeous variegated deep green.  I was a little light headed at this stage so I went upstairs to have a look at the exhibitions and get a drink.  Lucky I did because otherwise I wouldn’t have known that LHogan from was there with a lovely shelf full of lace and sock weight hand dyed yarns.  I was spoilt for choice and finally chose 100g of a sock yarn (70% Merino/30% silk) with gorgeous greens, blues and corals running through it. 

Phew, I finally put a call in to the hubby to come and rescue me from temptation at about half four.  Tired but happy we arrived home at 8pm to be accosted at the back door by trick or teeters who wouldn’t be deterred by the fact that we were only getting out of the car and didn’t have any goodies on us!  They gave in eventually and left, our lane is pitch black and there were no house lights on, how they found us I don’t know!

So now, I have the happy task of assigning projects to my lovely new stash, all shawls of course, or maybe scarves.  I have a folder full of patterns and a head full of ideas so I’ll keep you posted.  It should see me knitting until next October and then I can begin the happy process again!

Happy knitting!

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