Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Christmas Orders & Princess Guilt

I am all of a sudden inundated with knitting work!  I can hardly believe it, but with Christmas lurking around the bend I suppose, it is hardly a surprise.  I have been commissioned to make three scarves and one wrap so I will be a very busy bunny for the next while.

I will make three NicEoin scarves in Scarlet, Royal Blue and Biscuit and the wrap is still yet to be finalised, as I’m deep in discussion with my cousin about colour, form and pattern.  She wants to wear it to her brothers wedding in December so it will need to keep her toasty and warm yet not take away from the stunning teal dress she’s just bought.  I’m looking forward to the challenge.  The scarves are to be given as Christmas presents by my husbands cousin so I hope they find good homes.  Funny to think my creations are being set free on the Nation!

I am finally back to working on my Peerie Smoorikins Shawl and I started the edging yesterday.  I was a little worried that it wouldn’t fit with the borders or centre but once I pinned it out and took some photos I think it looks quite striking.  It has reminded me of my poor Princess languishing away at the bottom of my knitting basket.  I feel very bad about starting her and then putting her aside to make other things.  It feels like cheating!  Once Peerie is done and my scarves and wrap I might get a chance to do a few rows, a day and then I won’t feel so bad.

I also finished my daughters Cardi-Hap. It didn’t quite come out quite as expected but that is no bad thing!  When I blocked it, it came out as a triangle with a humped top as the garter stitch centre bowed a bit.  Then the two ‘tails’ were actually too wide to wrap around Mimi and fasten at the back so I used two buttons and attached them to the two side points folded over to make two ‘sleeves’.  It turned out really well including all the amendments and it looks lovely on Mimi.  I plan to make her and her brother a full sized Hap each in their own colours to use and to keep (blanket, shawl, tent etc!)

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