Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Back to the Princess, let the Pain begin! Literally!

Oh dear, I’m in pain!  I finished Peerie the day before yesterday and I was so excited I immediately rooted out my Princess to do a few rows before the guilt of abandonment ate me whole.  Unfortunately, though the pattern is easy enough once you take it row by row, the circular needle is about to do my head in!  I’m using a 2mm needle with the Heirloom Knitting Cashsilk (just gorgeous, so light and soft) but the thread keeps catching in the join between the cord and the needle.  It would be ok if I were dealing with a few hundred stitches that could be bunched up and kept on the needle but with over 800 stitches (I think it’s 865!) my hand is cramping just at the thought of picking every one of the darned stitches over the join every row.  Argh!  It’s beginning to spoil my joy at being re-united with my shawl.  I’ll see if I can get straight pins or different needles, as I really want to continue knitting this.  Anybody with any tips?

I can’t believe I finished the Peerie Shawl!  It is ginormous!  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit it on the bed for blocking but since it’s a triangle, I was able to use the side of the bed for one of the tails!  My knowledgeable four year old daughter came in once it was all pinned out and announced that she ‘always knew it would fit’ in the most patronising way possible.  Will have to deal with that at another stage!

I tried it on as I initially intended to wear it to my friends wedding at the end of this month, but it may actually be too big!  It feels lovely on; the top edge is almost twice my wingspan!  The tip of the triangle almost touches the ground when it’s on (with the top edge turned back like a collar) but it’s snuggly and warm and I am so in love with the Shetland Supreme.  It’s just an ordinary natural cream colour when you knit it, but then you soak and rinse it for blocking and all this grey yuck comes out in the water and it emerges this beautiful fresh, clean, bright off white.  It’s so gorgeous it almost glows.  It softens up lovely after washing too and the shawl even for its size it quite light.  It took 314g of wool, which was 2,744 yards or 2,512 metres.  I still have loads left (I bought a 1kg cone) so I can’t wait to make some more yummy things!  I have some Christmas and baby presents to make. 

Well, busy, busy, must go,

Take care and happy knitting!

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  1. Stunning. You did an amazing job of knitting and blocking!