Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
Photo by Aisling Doonan

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

All's Quiet on the Western Front

This week has been rather quiet.  I’m tired, finding it hard to get out of bed in the mornings and not tired enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I’m watching a lot of rubbish on TV and going through my box sets of Greys Anatomy and The Tudors for the umpteenth time.  To quote my daughter, I cannot get a wiggle on!

The weather is still behaving hormonal, heavy showers one minute and humid heat the next.  My head feels heavy.  My body heifer like and I have yet another breakout on my face, I have more spots now than I did when I was a teenager.  Grrr.

Still I have managed to knit half of my newest scarf Piotal Tiúilip.  It is in a glorious pink (Chinese Rose Merino Lace from Heirloom Knitting) and it is pretty and uplifting to look at.  The pattern is directional so I haven’t quite decided yet whether I should invert the design and knit the second half in one piece or knit the two halves separately and graft them together at the end.  Decisions, decisions…

I had an e-mail yesterday from Mike in Heirloom Knitting to say that my yarn order is on its way.  Yippee!  Once it arrives, I can finish my Percy Shawl and then I will have completed my 10 shawls in 2010.  With four months to go to, I am impressed with myself.  I will, of course, keep going and continue my shawl obsession so let’s see how many I can actually fit into the 12 months!

It also means that the Shetland Supreme 2ply I ordered (1kg cone of scrumminess) will be here in a few days, and I can continue with the centre of my Peerie Smoorikins Shawl. 

I have also been putting the finishing touches to two patterns to get them ready for posting – Killtipper Scarf & NicEoin Scarf/Wrap.  This is the part I find the most challenging.  The hilarious thing is that I have a decrepit old laptop where I do most of my work.  It has a very basic spreadsheet function that doesn’t transfer well over to any other PC’s.  I also have no internet or broadband connection, so when I want to post something or write up a pattern I have to up sticks to my parents house (and Apple Mac) half an hours drive away, beg them to look after the children and work like a demon to transfer everything to their laptop.  Then if any changes or additions are needed, I need to do the same thing.  I have a trusty little memory stick that comes with me everywhere and holds all my work.  If anything ever happened to it, I would have a meltdown!  Eircom, if you’re listening, LEITRIM NEEDS BROADBAND!  I’m considering starting a campaign!  We don’t even have an ATM!  Ridiculous…

So by next week, I may have finished Percy & Piotal Tiúilip and will be able to post pictures.  I won’t feel so unproductive then.

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