Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Stash busting & the Percy Shawl

I have been trying to do some stash busting lately and since I had a chance to organise, weigh and calculate yardage of all my stash, I have been on the lookout for suitable patterns to use. 

I had almost two balls of J&S lace weight left over from my Aylesbury and I have had my eye on the Percy Shawl by Sanne K. for quite some time so it seemed natural to make it once I had the time.  The pattern called for 340m and I had 370yrds approx so I decided to go for it.  I forgot to take into consideration needle size though.  The scarf in the pattern was made with lace weight and a 3mm needle and I prefer 3.75mm with the J&S so now as a result I have run out half way through the edging.  I annoy myself when I do this!  I mean, now I have to buy another ball to finish it and I still have purple J&S lace weight in my stash at the end of it all!  Am I really any further on?  Is it really stash busting? Or is a subconscious effort to increase my wool supply?  Answers on a postcard please!

Anyway, the pattern is easy to follow, the scarf is turning out beautifully and until you get to the edging it goes really really quickly, (I wasn’t doing any extra repeats).  Then come the Nupps!  It’s not that I dislike them, once they are made they look spectacular and really make a shawl, but making the little buggers is a struggle!  I can never get the little pups loose enough.  I have resorted to using a 1.5mm needle to knit them together on the next row and it’s working out well.  It disrupts my knitting mojo though having to stop and start a lot.  It takes me three to four times longer to knit a row of the pattern, and I do prefer to plough through them.  Still it’ll be all worth it when it’s finished.  Sigh…

The picture is dreadful, the purple is hard to photograph and the shawl is unblocked and unfinished and sitting in a ball!  Apologies, shouldn’t be long before I get some more wool and complete it!

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