Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Spring Shawl by Sharon Miller

I know that Spring has already sprung, but I’ve been working on Sharon Millers 1 ply Spring shawl recently (almost finished) using the Heirloom Knitting Merino Lace in Cornflower (gorgeous colour, it’s bordering on a blue/violet and is the exact colour of my old bedroom at home, so I’m feeling a little nostalgic here!) 

Sharon’s designs are so beautiful and well written.  I have learnt so much from knitting them and I can say, without any doubt, that I became capable of designing my own because of her.  I learnt all about construction, how to follow and use charts and how every element flows into the next.  It has been a short but beautiful journey of knitting wonder,  long may it continue.

With the 1 ply Spring shawl you begin with the centre, working from the bottom up to form an inverted triangle and patterning is on every row for the most part.  I don’t mind that now as I sometimes find the every other row patterning a little tedious, the plain rows seem to take forever.  When you have a pattern to concentrate on every row they seem to go quicker – that’s probably just me, most people I think relish the rest of a plain row!  The only issue you can run into is that you forget what side you are working on and therefore what row you were actually working on.  To combat that I have taken to placing 2 different coloured stitch markers (clover, green and orange ones, they are like little round plastic safety pins, and so far they haven’t opened or snagged anything on me) one on each end, green for the odd side rows and orange for the even rows.  I can tell immediately where I am and which way on the pattern I’m supposed to be reading.

It was a nice realisation when it came to picking up the stitches for the border that I only had 2 sides (it’s a triangular shawl) to worry about instead of 4 (with a square shawl) so maybe it’s a psychological thing that the borders took no time at all to knit.  I’m up to the plain rows now at the end of the borders chart and hope to start on the edging, this evening, which goes around the entire shawl.  Hopefully another week will see this finished.

The Merino Lace is so soft and slightly fluffy and really holds the blocking well.  I had to stop wearing my rings though when knitting as I snagged the yarn more than once.  The yarn is so soft and light that I really was afraid that it would snap.  There are quite a few open areas on the borders and plenty of opportunity to snag a thread, which would be disastrous.  I’m going to have to look after this one with great care and attention whenever I wear it.  It’s such a pity that because the yarns are so fine they are delicate as well.  Maybe I should start knitting with wire, haha!

I have a funny feeling that this little beauty will be much larger than I have anticipated.  When it’s all lumpy, bumpy, and sitting on your lap, you do begin to wonder if it’s ever going to fit around a grown up person!  The cobweb weight yarn is so light that the knitted bundle is very deceiving.  I hope I have room to block it!

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