Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Killtipper Scarf and Spring Shawl

So Spring has finally sprung, and my Spring shawl has sprung a hole, Arghh.  It was all my fault, I was a little too vigorous in my blocking and I think I killed it.  I could cry with the shame of it, woe is me, and all that.

I had been a very busy bunny and on Saturday evening, I was insistent that I would finish with her.  The hubby and I were watching a DVD (Shutter Island – very good, sad too, can’t watch films or programmes any more with sad children’s storylines, not since I had my own little cherubs) and not even Leonardo deCaprio could avert my gaze from Spring, I knit until my shoulders tensed up and my neck seized.  I wanted to be able to block it on Sunday morning before we went to the cinema (Inception – Leo-fest!  Also, an excellent film, got to watch Leo this time as I don’t know if they allow knitting in the theatre, would get in the way of the popcorn probably!) 

So I washed her gently and carefully and blotted out the ‘big wet’ and laid her on the bed and proceeded to poke the blocking wires through each and every one of the points along the edges.  As it took forever, I had plenty of time to wonder if she was going to fit on my very standard double bed.  Spring doesn’t quite block as a perfect triangle, the centre part has a little hump to it and the borders don’t quite block level with the centre, though technically they should. 

Maybe I was pulling in the wrong direction but I managed to bully her into position.  I was readjusting the pins when I heard the ‘crack and pop’ and one of the edging points just collapsed from around the blocking wire and began to unravel.  I quickly got a safety pin through the intact stitches and tied a very silly looking knit through the broken strand.  I could cry at my own stupidity, why oh why did I stretch it so much? 

At that moment, apart from the colour (which is what I fell in love with) I was really regretting using the Merino Lace.  It’s so fragile and soft, I should have gone with the Jamieson & Smith Cobweb or Supreme Gossamer.  I could have dyed it after.  My misgivings disappeared though once it was all dry and I unpinned it.  It is like holding a puff of air it’s so light.  You can’t feel it on your shoulders at all and it’s so fine that you could use it as a wedding veil.  It’s ethereal, delicate, and delicious!  Every time I wear it, I will be terrified of snagging it.  I think this piece of perfection will spend its days in a glass cabinet!  That’s if I fix the boo boo.

I’m not quite sure how to proceed on this one.  I could rip back the edging to the break and do it again or I could use a spare strand and reinforce it.  I’m not sure which is the best way to proceed.  The merino is fluffy and I’m afraid if I rip back, it’ll snag and ruin the yarn.  I could cause more harm than good.  Oh dear, what to do?

Killtipper Scarf

I have designed and knit a lovely little scarf out of remnants of lace weight wool.  I have named it Killtipper and it is more of a fashion statement than a scarf to be worn in winter to keep out the cold.  It was very quick to make, only about 24 hours and it has endless possibilities for styling!  You can make it in one colour, or use bands or stripes, add buttons, brooches, beads or ribbons and you could use any weight blockable yarn. 

The finished dimensions are 56” x 5.5” approx and I used 185yrds of Jamieson & Smith laceweight yarn.  It’s a very simple design but I wanted something that had an interesting edge to it and the increases and decreases at the edge of both sides make this possible.  It is made in one piece and you can make it as long or as short as you like.  I think I may make these as Christmas presents this year for everyone!

I will be posting the pattern shortly, but you can look to my project page on Ravelry for more details!

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