Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Druminchin Shawlette

The postman also arrived this week with my Jamieson & Smith 2 ply lace weight (L68 Hot Pink) that I needed to finish my Druminchin ShawletteI had initially guess-timated that I would need 4 x 25g balls and ran out with exactly 1 point of the edging to do, grrr.  I was delighted that it had arrived, so that I could finish her, take some nice photos for Ravelry, and post it as my eighth shawl in 2010 (10 shawls in 2010 group).  My Spring Shawl will count as number 9 and hopefully if I finish her on time my Wedding Ring Shawl will be my 10th

Druminchin turned out much prettier than expected.  The photos don’t show up the colour very well but it is a beautiful vibrant fuchsia pink.  The edging, which I had to amend at the last minute, as I was worried about running out of yarn, was initially deeper and I’m glad I changed it.  The edging depth is 6 inches and is very effective at combining all the other elements of the shawl together.  It’s in the ‘Faroese’ style and it’s the first Faroese style shawl I’ve ever knit.  The patterning is every other row and is knit from the neck down and the edging is then added to bind off all the live stitches.  It only took about a week to knit all told, I can never really tell if I’m a fast knitter or not, just that I’m obsessed!

I’m really pleased with the results, I took loads of photos but the colour is really hard to photograph, the detail never shows up properly.  Still I think you can see what it looks like.  It’s right that the Faroese shawls stay on the shoulders more readily that their triangular counterparts, I could never see why until I made this one. Even though there are two triangles on either side of the wide spine, they behave they are little wings and the top edge isn’t straight but looks like the wide spine is between two angel wings.  It was funny to block, have lots of pins at the ready!

Finished dimensions for Druminchin are 30” x 60” approx.  It took 105g of wool, which is roughly 777yards.  (I would have at least 10% more at the ready, just in case though – 855yards)

So what’s next?  I have some more Merino Lace in four other colours that I plan to use for some scarves that I’ve designed.  I also have patterns ready to try for another three shawls, another scarf and my daughters Communion veil to make.  Looks like I’ll be busy to Christmas and that’s not including present knitting.

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