Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Thursday, 11 March 2010

2nd Lerwick, Christmas Presents

I have noticed lately how obsessed I have become with my shawls, especially last December when I had to take a break and concentrate on making some Christmas presents. I became edgy and guilty that I couldn’t complete my shawls. My hands didn’t know what to do with thicker yarn and needles and I felt like I was cheating on a lover! Strange, I know, such behaviour does not mark out a sane mind. It was with relief then after the silly season to pick up my 2.75mm needles and complete my second Lerwick by Sharon Miller. It felt good to have cobweb weight yarn back in my hands again and I felt at peace with the world. Back to listening (rather than seeing) the television again, back to reading little symbols from a chart, back to using my knit pro chart keeper (best invention EVER), back to the steady in out, in out of lace knitting. If my fingers are, idle for any length of time now I begin to feel anxious. I wonder if there’s a name for this?

Strange as well that I was vaguely annoyed with myself that I hadn’t finished my second Lerwick in the same length of time as the first (I completed it in mid January). It felt like I’d come last in some race. I don’t know where the pressure to be on time came from because I had knit this particular shawl with no purpose for it other than to hone my skills and for enjoyment sake. I made a lot of other projects in the same time period, including 3 shawlettes for my children’s playschool carers, a hat, fingerless mittens, scarf, a tea cosy and rosette and several booties for new arrivals. I had been extremely busy. So busy I began to fear repetitive strain injury! These shawls actually become part of me; they have needs and are obviously very sensitive to finishing times.

The 3 Evelyn A Clarke shawlettes are below, Rose Ribbons in grey Shetland Supreme 2 ply, Sand Dollar in Natural Shetland Supreme 2 ply (and my personal favourite!) and Sunshine and Shadows in dark blue Jamieson and Smith 2 ply. They were interesting and deceptively simple to complete and I was sad to see them go. They make good presents as they can be made from whatever you have in your stash, they are easy to wear in a huge number of ways, they suit most people and are completely customisable.

The hat, scarf and gloves were for my sister, which I gave to her adorning a steiff teddy bear, which was her main present. I was determined to lessen my stash and I think I succeeded here. The hat was a kit bought eons ago online, the scarf from some cotton yarn I had earmarked for a bolero but didn’t have enough of and the gloves were out of a random ball of 50g which were just enough (secret, I had to leave out a few rows on the second glove in order to finish them, shh don’t tell…)

The tea cosy and rosette were also stash busting efforts, made on request, for a neighbour, who wanted them for her sister. It was a super quick project, finished in an evening and pretty to look at.

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