Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset
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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Princess Shawl

I will confess that I made four points of the edging and then was thoroughly consumed by the Lerwick! I recently picked my Princess back up again, swapped out my needles for ones with longer ‘arms’ and began in earnest.

I quickly realised from reading others notes that everyone seemed to knit a different amount of points for the border and it didn’t seem to be related to the yarn used either. Initially I wanted a full border and I was going to knit all 85 points (aiming 10 stitches per point and picking up an additional 15 along the length of the edge) then I thought, that’s a lot of stitches to keep track of, I’ll lose my mind if I have to re-count them more than a few times. So I thought maybe I’ll knit 86 points and still pick up 10 stitches per point with an additional five along the way. Sharon had left a note in the pattern booklet to say that 62 points would be sufficient for a shallower edging with 14 stitches approx to each point. I still wanted a full looking edging, so I kept knitting while I debated all this. I knitted and knitted and my eyes were getting tireder and tireder and as I was nearly finished I made a snap decision and made 72 points (I keep telling myself I was splitting the difference) and picked up 12 stitches per point (which was easy to remember – Knit 4, Knit & Purl into next stitch, repeat, increasing by one stitch along the way to get my 865 stitches needed.

Phew! So that’s all done and dusted now and I’m happy to announce that my stitch markers are in place and I am ready to start my first border chart. And all without a lifeline! I was convinced I’d need one but the edging went so smoothly that I forgot! Once you get used to the tiny needle and the miniscule slippery yarn then it’s just like knitting a jumper!

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